i’m rebecca. german. 21 (9th of april). that’s my face ↑. the kind of girl who forgets love and rather falls in chocolate. i enjoy watching tv, reading comics/graphic novels and need coffee like oxygen. i actually like various things, i also tend to change my obsessions a lot, i’m boring and this is not a quality blog.

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  • and sometimes i post personal stuff (warning: these posts may contain my face)

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^ annika is the shown to my bruton and the swellest person you’ll ever know.

^ hannah is the best and my favourite person of all persons.

oh, look, it’s a pie chart about how i spent my day:
(and yes, i give 101% because i’m so ambitious.)

i like a lot of tv shows and movies. e.g. psych, jekyll, watchmen, the hobbit, lord of the rings, grimm, criminal minds, community, whose line is it anyway, csi, person of interest, heroes, the fresh prince, merlin, supernatural, star trek, star wars, sherlock, luther, the avengers, iron man, harry potter, x men, captain america  et cetera, et cetera.

here, have the periodic table, just to settle the case. because learning never stops. (◕‿◕✿)